Enter Shopify Ecommerce Design Awards

If you have built an original design for a Shopify store, you have until August 31 to enter it into the 2014-2015 Shopify Ecommerce Design Awards.

Top ecommerce designer will walk away with $5,000 USD and a feature story on the Shopify Partner Blog and second and third place contestants will win $1,000 USD and $500 USD respectively, and five honourable mentions will be featured on Shopify blog.

For more resources to help you rise to the top of the competition follow Shopify.com.

Font Awesome to PNG Tool

Font Awesome to PNG tool

Photo: fa2png.io

One could say back to roots, we were looking forward to web fonts and icons and now we are going back to the roots, but you must admit Font Awesome has great collection of icons and there are some cases where you need your icons as images and Font Awesome to PNG or short fa2png.io can help with that.

How to use Font Awesome PNG Tool?
It’s simple – visit fa2png.io select icon you want to export to PNG format, select color and size and you’re done!

Download your PNG icon and use it where you want it thanks to fa2png.io tool.