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How to Win $5000 in Design Contest?

Movie Poster Design Contest


Yes, that’s right, you have great design skills or you think you do and you love movies from the 80’s, then you have the chance until Monday, November 16th, the chance to win $5000!

How to participate and win $5000?

Sign up for your free GraphicStock account and receive a 14 day access with 25 downloads, create your own ’80s-inspired movie poster, using at least one photo, vector or illustration downloaded from GraphicStock to

More details can be found at!

Enter Shopify Ecommerce Design Awards

If you have built an original design for a Shopify store, you have until August 31 to enter it into the 2014-2015 Shopify Ecommerce Design Awards.

Top ecommerce designer will walk away with $5,000 USD and a feature story on the Shopify Partner Blog and second and third place contestants will win $1,000 USD and $500 USD respectively, and five honourable mentions will be featured on Shopify blog.

For more resources to help you rise to the top of the competition follow

Earn Between $100 and $5000 in GitHub Bug Bounty

GitHub Bug Bounty

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You have some extra free time on your hands or you want to earn some extra money and best of all you are good at finding bugs and vulnerabilities in web apps then check the new Bug Bounty security program launched by GitHub yesterday.

For every bug you find on GitHub API, GitHub Gist or you will be rewarded with points and you can earn between $100 and $5000 in cash.

For all details please visit new GitHub Bug Bounty website.

Push The Web Forward and Win $5000 with Windows Azure in partnership with Microsoft or Windows Azure if you like is starting a new contest and gives you a chance to win $5000.

There are 3 prizes, first worth $5000 you must build an app or website and deploy it to Windows Azure.

Deploy new or existing website or app on Windows Azure to win $3000, or just upload WordPress website to Windows Azure and write an article about it and you can win up to $500.

The contest is totaly free to enter and you will get 30-day trial to Windows Azure, but for sign-up to Windows Azure you will need a valid credit card to secure your trial, but no money will be charched to your account.

Find out more about the contest on Push the Web Forward page.