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Pledge Now And Design For People In Need!

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Photo: @wpbonsai

If you are Creative Market shop owner you can pledge to give percentage of your earnings to people in need, like the recent hurrican Matthew victims in Haiti, Louisiana and around the globe during the November.

How You Can Help?
You can pledge from 1%-100% of your Creative Market earnings for the month of November, Creative Market will give as well a $20,000 donation, but the deadline for shops to participate is October 27th.

You can find out more at Pay It Forward 2016 website.

How to become a cloudreporter?

Evening sky Creative Market


Thanks to swissmiss blog I’ve discovered this beautiful website called Cloudreporter which features cloudy sky photos from around the world, but if you have a camera you can also be a cloudreporter.

How to become a cloud reporter?

Take a photo of a cloudy sky and go to cloudreporter.co, click the link “Become a cloudreporter” and follow the instructions.

I liked the idea very much so I’ve also took a few photos which you can see or buy in my shop.