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Cerberus Patterns for Responsive HTML Emails

Cerberus Responsive Email Patterns

Photo via http://tedgoas.github.io/Cerberus/

Do you think it’s a lot of effort to create responsive website, well think again. How about responsive newsletters or emails, with every new version of email client support for some modern web features is even worse, so any help you can get if you are making responsive email is welcome.

Cerberus is a few responsive email patterns, with code blocks compartmentalized so that they may be used, reused, and nested to build an email. Everything has good email client support, including Outlook, Android, and even mobile Gmail. There are two templates, one that relies media queries and one that does not.

Try Cerberus on GitHub.

Responsive Design Weekly

I already wrote about CSS Weekly and wpMail.me newsletters they cover CSS and WordPress development articles, tutorials, tools and other useful stuff, now I want to present you another helpful resource for all interested in responsive design.

Responsive Design Weekly is newsletter covering themes about responsive design you can subscribe to and be informed about newest articles, tutorials and resources directly in your inbox curated by Justin Avery.