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Sufio Automatic Invoices Shopify App

Sufio Shopify App

Photo: shopify.com

Are you Shopify store owner? No? Then register at Shopify.com and become one, if you are, do you know how to automate your invoicing process? It’s simple, with Sufio – Automatic Invoices App.

With Sufio App you can automatically send invoices and receipts with every order in your store, customize your invoices to with your logo and company details, edit existing and create new invoices with just a few clicks, send invoices in multiple currencies and over 20 languages and more…

Before buying it you can try 14 Days Free Trial at Shopify App Store.

Shopify Introduced Xero Integration for Faster Way to Manage Invoices

Shopify is giving your clients a faster way to manage invoices, track bills, handle expenses, and more with the new Xero app for Shopify.

With Xero App for Shopify, merchants can now seamlessly export their product, payment, tax, and customer data with a single click, saving hours of manual data entry each and every week.

Follow the Shopfy blog on more information How can you use Xero App for Shopify?

How to move your Amazon Webstore to Shopify?

Few days ago Shopify announced that Amazon Webstore owners can seamlessly migrate their online store to Shopify, in just a few steps, merchants can transfer their customer and product data – with zero downtime or service interruptions taking advantage of an extended 30-day free trial.

To learn more about these new integrations or be among the first to try the Amazon Sales Channel, visit shopify.com/amazon.

Enter Shopify Ecommerce Design Awards

If you have built an original design for a Shopify store, you have until August 31 to enter it into the 2014-2015 Shopify Ecommerce Design Awards.

Top ecommerce designer will walk away with $5,000 USD and a feature story on the Shopify Partner Blog and second and third place contestants will win $1,000 USD and $500 USD respectively, and five honourable mentions will be featured on Shopify blog.

For more resources to help you rise to the top of the competition follow Shopify.com.