WPbonsai Weekly WordPress & WebDev Roundup Vol. 3

After we were quite busy last week and we missed our weekly roundup, here is weekly roundup vol. 3 with bunch of interesting links we discovered this week or you can say over this past two weeks.

If you are Envato user then you will be interested in this 2 part series tutorial about Integrating the Envato WordPress Toolkit to Your Theme.

You can never be enough careful with security issues so read this article New Tips for WordPress Security.

Want to make some listing with you favorite YouTube videos in WordPress post or WordPress page, but you want to use thumbs not actual videos then try with this tutorial: How to Add Thumbnails For YouTube Videos in WordPress?

Actually we often embedd YouTube videos to WordPress posts or pages, but doesn’t it bothering you when your video is over YouTube displays all that related YouTube videos that are in fact not related to your actual subject and I hate it, so here is How to Turn Off Related YouTube Videos in WordPress?

I was recently helping out a friend with moving WordPress website from one hosting to localhost then to another live web server, from time to time we all need to read this article about How to Move a Live WordPress Site to Local Server?

New marketplace for WordPress plugins and themes want’s to become App store in WordPress world, check it out at wpExtreme.

If you are looking for new WordPress theme for your blog, here is one awesome called Writr Theme from WordPress.org, I will check this out and maybe write a review, it certainly looks tempting.

Interested in Building WordPress Plugins then check this video session for free from WPSessions.

I was until recently hardcore CSS coder and I was refusing to use some CSS frameworks or tools, except maybe YAML, I used this one, but now I am getting into Sass and as I see WordPress does too, so I am really interested about WordPress Core Adopts Sass CSS Preprocessor.

Thanks to WordPress Tavern you can now download and use 10 Free WordPress Themes based on Foundation Framework.

This one is really a reminder to myself, but I never have time to read more about How to Use Google Webmaster Tools.

Sometime ago I was doing some stuff with PhoneGap so I really love this series Getting started with PhoneGap part 1, 2, 3… and I am really looking forward to next part.

Raise your hand who doesn’t like freebies?

This one really caught my attention, how about yours 28 Free Resource Websites for Designers and Developers.

9 Free PSDs for Showcasing your Design Work

9 Stylish Free Fonts for your Designs

Flat is new Black as they say so check out this Free Resources for Creating a Flat Design.

Over & out. Till next week or next edition.

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