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New Internet Phone Let’s You Browse The Web Without Screen

In the era of touch screens, displays and Internet of Things (IoT) students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, […]

Themify Huge 7th Anniversary Giveaway!

Themify is celebrating huge 7th Anniversary Huge with big sale and ¬†giveaway! As always you can get great 50% OFF […]

Weekly News Summary Vol. 02

Here is our new weekly news summary for all web design news related what we have scoop up this week. […]

Ninja Run – Free HTML5 Mobile Game

Ninja Run – free HTML5 mobile game, HTML5 and mobile optimized with One Touch control and mouse control support, playable […]

The Picasso You Didn’t Know

Article The Picasso You Didn’t Know: Pablo Picasso’s Illustration and Design Work will show you unknown work and talents of […]

Creative Market is hiring designers, engineers, and product managers…

If you are looking for job or think to move to another and better job, see Creative Market open positions. […]

Weekly News Summary Vol. 01

I don’t send out newsletter weekly or for any other period so I like to sum up all my weekly […]

Introducing New Themify Builder Layouts and Ultra Theme 2 Month Trial

Themify just recently reintroduced Builder with new updates and 9 new builder layouts. These intuitive layouts are sleek, beautiful, and […]

Friday Freebie: Fantasy Photoshop Action

Fantasy Photoshop Action – brings your photos into the spotlight and casts an illuminating fog across your subjects and observe […]