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12 Best Google Design and Development Tools

12 tools from Google that really do bring something positive to the table by Webdesigner Depot.

5 Steps to Design Apps with Keyboard Accessibility in Mind

When we think about the “average” user, we tend to imagine them using a mouse or trackpad when they’re on […]

The Layer Showcase – best modern webapps

The Layer Showcase lets you spin up instances of full-stack software to try it before installing it.

Winners of the Shopify App Challenge: Commerce and COVID-19

Apps are not yet all live in the Shopify App Store, but our winners will be assigned mentors to help […]

Guide to E-Commerce Mobile Apps

Guide to E-Commerce Mobile Apps (free PDF ebook) by

Essential List of Resources for Shopify App Development

Whether you’re building a Shopify app for the first time, or you’re an experienced developer looking to grow your business, […]

Self-care Apps for Remote Work

Curated list of 100+ self-care apps for your health, work-life balance and wellness.