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Colors. For designers and web developers

Colors. Helps you explore and get the right colors for your next beautiful artwork and user interface.

Command+i Magazine

Command+i Magazine is a fresh new resource that combines beautiful landscape photos with carefully selected color palettes. Inspired by nature […]

A visual guide to banknotes around the world

Pantone Colours of the Worlds Currencies.

Colors & Fonts

Find colors and typography combinations ready to copy paste in one click.

20+ Beautiful Color Combinations

Colors are often the most significant element of a design or composition. They have the power to attract attention, evoke […]

Overly descriptive color palettes.

Color contrast checker

Analyses and suggests colors that meet the required contrast ratio.

A collection of free coloring pages to help you relax

Handful of coloring pages created by designers in Dribbble community for you and/or your kiddos to enjoy passing the time.

Color gradient generator

Color gradient generator makes use of the color gradient algorithms which automatically creates good-looking and well-balanced color gradients.