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A CSS-only, animated, wrapping underline.

The links there have this awesome effect when you hover over them: The underline retreats and gets replaced by a […]

15+ CSS Full Screen Video Background

Collection of free HTML/CSS full screen video background examples.

Uncommon CSS Properties

CSS properties that some don’t know about, or they know about them, but forget to use them when they’re needed.

When a Line Doesn’t Break

Let’s instead look at a situation where it seems like a line is going to break but it doesn’t as […]

How to Target Email Clients

A list of crowdsourced email development techniques for singling out email clients and platforms.

1-Line Layouts

10 Modern CSS layout and sizing techniques that highlight just how robust and impactful a single-line of styling code can […]

60 Days of Animation

Hand coded CSS animations for 60 days straight.

Irregular-shaped Links with Subgrid

Card-based UIs are commonly-used web design patterns, and it’s not unusual to build a UI that requires a hover (or […]

8 Animated CSS & JavaScript Code Snippets That Celebrate Summer

Collection of code snippets that bring a little bit of summer to your screen.

32+ CSS Animation Examples

Collection of free Hand picked Pure Html CSS Animation Examples

Surprising Things That CSS Can Animate

This article explores some of the unexpected things that CSS can animate and some nifty things you can do by […]

A user’s guide to CSS variables

CSS custom properties for cascading variables offer revolutionary possibilities for collaboration and code reuse.