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How to Test your Theme Before Submitting to the Shopify Theme Store?

Quality assurance (QA) process can be the most important stage in your journey to launching a theme on the Shopify […]

Replace jQuery with Vanilla JS Alternatives

replace-jquery – Automatically finds jQuery methods from existing projects and generates vanilla js alternatives.

Get Up to 50% Off Elementor Pro On Black Friday Sale…

Discover the full power of Elementor website builder at a fraction of the price during this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday […]

How to Secure Large-Scale WordPress Sites?

Security is an important topic for any WordPress site owner, but it’s even more so for enterprise websites, because large-scale […]

Building Custom WordPress Gutenberg Blocks: The Definitive Block Development Tutorial

The official WordPress Block Editor Handbook provides developers with a tremendous amount of information, but you may find yourself lost in that […]

10 Ways to Establish Trust on Ecommerce Sites and Apps

There are various steps you can take to establish trust on your clients’ ecommerce sites or your apps, to reassure […]

How to Use the WordPress Crowdsignal Embed Block?

Creating polls can be an effective way to get to know your audience a bit better and Crowdsignal embed block makes it […]

How to Use the WordPress TikTok Embed Block?

The TikTok embed block is a feature in the WordPress Block Editor that allows users to embed a video directly from TikTok […]

Gust Tailwind CSS theme for WordPress

Build WordPress websites with full support for Tailwind CSS utility classes, Purge CSS, Tailwind config, direct access to WP Query, […]

Shopify vs WordPress: Which is Best?

Two of the most common names Shopify and WordPress keep popping up when you are looking for tools to set […]

How to Contribute to WordPress?

Regardless of your skill level, you can make a huge difference in the WordPress project. Grab some popcorn, turn on […]

How to Migrate from Wix to WordPress?

Wix appears to be an attractive and practical choice for small businesses due to its varied templates and intuitive interface, […]