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Supercons React Iconset

Supercons is a giant open-source set of icons in React with plenty of choices.

Loaf SVG icon library

Loaf is a premium SVG icon library packagedin a beautifully designed icon editor for MacOS and Windows.

Forge Icons

300+ right mix of SVG icons for your project.


Heroicons – beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons,by the makers of Tailwind CSS.


Tiny minimal 1px icons designed on a 15×15 grid so they can easily fit in very small spaces.

Best places to find Font Icons

Icons are important for web projects because they are a visual way to help add meaning to the elements.

Stencil Icons

Stencil is a “framework” for building web components.

10 open source SVG icon libraries

Which is your favourite icon library? Comment on Twitter!

CSS Icon Generator

CSS Icon Generator – interesting web app for generating pure CSS icons. This project is completely free and open-sourced on […]

Universal “Stay Home” icon

Universal, functional, simple, and instructional “Stay Home” icon by Stephen Kelleher.

CSSgg Icons

A collection of 500+ icons built purely with CSS. No images or SVGs.

Free COVID-19 Animations

Animations for your websites, apps, videos and social posts to highlight initiatives to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.