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Command+i Magazine

Command+i Magazine is a fresh new resource that combines beautiful landscape photos with carefully selected color palettes. Inspired by nature […]

Heritage Library

The Heritage Library collects beautiful illustrations from the past which are 100% free to use.

60 Days of Animation

Hand coded CSS animations for 60 days straight.

The Whimsical Web

A curated list of sites with an extra bit of fun.

Font in Logo

Search and find fonts used by world brands.

20 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

From Beyoncé to Harvard University, some of the world’s biggest websites use WordPress. And, the platform is free and easy […]

Houses of the World

Houses Of is a project made by the collective Cetrucflotte, showcasing homes with character around the world.

Discover Classical Art

Explore Paintings, Drawings and Illustrations from some of the best artists the world has ever known.

The Glorious Glyphs Game

Glorious Glyphs Game is similar to The Font Game, but as the name suggests, you have to identify the font , […]

One Word Domains

A collection of available one-word domains for your next million-dollar idea.

Toy Faces Library

Toy Faces is a fun diverse library of 3D avatars for your design mockups and personal use. You may want […]

How to Create a Podcast?

Take a look at how to create, launch and promote your podcast.