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How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

WordPress provides multiple methods – both built-in and via plugins – to create new posts and pages that are identical […]

20 Best Brackets Extensions for Front End Developers

Brackets is one of the less known text editors, but its users are quite passionate about its ease of use, […]

20 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions for Front End Developers

Visual Studio Code extensions allow you to add tools, languages, debuggers, and more, to help you write faster, cleaner, and […]

Flip counter plugin

Flip is the most advanced Flip counter plugin available on the web. It’s super easy to setup, amazingly flexible and beautifully animated.

19 JS Libraries/Plugins for Typography

 The typography and fonts you use play a huge role in multiple aspects of a website design. It affects factors […]

Friday Freebies by Envato Market

Friday just got better with 3 extra freebies for you to download on Envato Market.

Web Vitals Chrome Extension

A Chrome extension to measure metrics for a healthy site.

Glance Back Chrome Plugin

Glance Back is a daily photo diary, capturing the moments shared between you and your computer. Once a day, when […]

Introducing the Flywheel Migrations WordPress plugin!

Migrating sites from one host to another can be a bit time-consuming, stressful, and confusing, so forget the hassle of […]

Best WordPress Plugins for Keeping a Maintained Site

More than 55,000 WordPress plugins are available for general use and it is nearly impossible to try all of them, […]

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketing

Roundup of the 10 best WordPress plugins for digital marketing.

Mailflow Gmail plugin

Mailflow is a Gmail plugin to help you manage to-dos, notes and projects without leaving your inbox.