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How to download and SVG icon, logo or vector from any website?

SVG Gobbler is a browser extension that finds the vector content on the page you’re viewing and gives you the […]

SVG Crop Tool

SVG Crop – Remove blank space from around any SVG instantly.

Pixeltrue SVG illustrations

Pixeltrue is a new collection of free SVG illustrations and Lottie animations for commercial and personal use.

Big Heads

Big Heads is a wonderful collection of free-to-use comic avatars perfect for apps, games, and social media. The avatars are randomly […]

Loaf SVG icon library

Loaf is a premium SVG icon library packagedin a beautifully designed icon editor for MacOS and Windows.

Forge Icons

300+ right mix of SVG icons for your project.

Paris Font Duo

Paris, a beautiful new font duo featuring a pencil textured SVG script

viewBox Newletter

viewBox – newsletter about the magical world of SVG with tips, demos, articles and a monthly challenge.

Custom Shape Dividers

Free tool to make it easier for designers and developers to export a beautiful SVG shape divider.

SVG Path Visualizer

Enter an SVG path data to visualize it and discover all its different commands…

Stencil Icons

Stencil is a “framework” for building web components.

Progressively enhancing radio buttons with SVG

Progressively enhancing radio buttons with SVG whilst staying accessible by Christian Heilmann.