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Stroke Text CSS The Definitive Guide

How does one add stroke text or outline text in CSS & HTML?

1-Line Layouts

10 Modern CSS layout and sizing techniques that highlight just how robust and impactful a single-line of styling code can […]

7 tips to make your website load in two seconds or less

Amazon noticed an intriguing trend. For every 100 milliseconds that they speeded up the load time on their website, their […]

20 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

From Beyoncé to Harvard University, some of the world’s biggest websites use WordPress. And, the platform is free and easy […]

8 expressive free font combos for your next design

Visual designer & typography master Davide Baratta shares his favorite free typeface combinations and why they work.

How to Create a Podcast?

Take a look at how to create, launch and promote your podcast.

How to Set Up and Light a Home Studio

You don’t need a fancy studio to make beautiful photos inside. Whether you’re shooting an artfully composed still life or […]

How to Design a Custom WordPress Login Page?

Tutorial will cover how to best design a custom login page for your WordPress website, using Themify’s login module.

A user’s guide to CSS variables

CSS custom properties for cascading variables offer revolutionary possibilities for collaboration and code reuse.

Getting Started With Chrome and Firefox Developer Tools

Chrome and Firefox are modern web browsers that have built-in tools to help developers edit pages and fix problems directly […]

How to Build Forms on Shopify?

How to Use Liquid to Build Robust Forms for Shopify Themes

Block Links: The Search for a Perfect Solution

Wrapping an entire card element inside an anchor — being a bad idea?