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Get Latest WordPress Resto Theme With a 30% Discount

Themify released new Resto skin catered for fine dining restaurants, cafes, bistros, and lounges with large visual images and typography […]

What’s New in WordPress 6.0?

With WordPress 6.0 you can expect improvements in several areas of the CMS, from usability to performance, including: improved information […]

How to Install WordPress on AWS Web Hosting?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud computing providers, so you might be wondering how to host […]

Why Is Your WordPress Website Slow?

Why is your WordPress website slow and 17 ways to fix a slow WordPress website…

How to Create a WordPress Site Using Elementor?

If you don’t have previous design or development experience then WordPress Elementor website builder comes in. By opting modern, user-friendly […]

16 Fastest WordPress Themes in 2022

Finding the fastest WordPress theme and supposed to test every theme you’re interested in and compare the differences in millisecond […]

New Themify Framework Update

Themify just released another awesome update packed with many new features like Ajax install required plugins on demo import, Accent […]

Webflow vs WordPress: Which One Is Better for Your Next Site?

Best way to choose is by comparing Webflow vs WordPress in a few key areas, you can figure out which […]

How to Monitor the Uptime of a WordPress Website?

Even with necessary precautions to maintain and make your WordPress website safe and secure, your website can still go down for […]

UI Bakery RegEx Library

RegEx Library – a curated list of useful regular expressions for different programming languages.

4 Examples of Headless WordPress eCommerce Websites

Headless WordPress has taken the digital world by storm. This flexible system has proven to be an excellent way to […]

7 of the Best HTML Editors for Android

Coding on your Android device is not only possible, but also popular. The top HTML editors in the Google Play […]