Weekly News Summary Vol. 16

Published - December 01, 2017

New weekly summary is here, check out what we came up with this week:

Bootstrap Magic 4.0 – Create your Bootstrap 4.0 themes easily.

CSSynth – tool to generate CSS syntax for animations to run in preset or custom orders.

4 tips to increase your WordPress site’s speed and performance

5 Ways to Ensure Your Fancy Site Doesn’t Suck

How Microinteractions Can Bring a Boring Website to Life

2018 Graphic Design Trends + Inspirational Showcase

3 Essential Design Trends, December 2017

Convert JPG, PNG, and Animated GIF to WEBP

Android App Builder – Turn your prototypes into Android Apps

How to Build a Customizable Related Products Section

Clippy – CSS clip-path maker

3 Best Form Design Practices for your design process

What is Content Strategy and Why Your Business Needs One

CSS Grid Starter Layouts

New CSS gradient possibilities with the background-blend-mode property.

Learn CSS Grid in 5 Minutes

7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility

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