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Weekly Web Design News Summary Vol. 26

Published - March 16, 2018

New weekly summary is here, check out what we came up with this week:

CSS Houdini – gives developers access to the browser’s CSS engine, allowing them to create their own CSS implementations, virtually eliminating the need for JavaScript polyfills.

20 Best New Portfolio Sites

One Line CSS Framework

20 Great Resources to Learn Graphic Design

Prettier – opinionated code formatter

Earn up to $500 each time you invite a creator to Patreon

27+ Quick Gmail Tips, Tricks, and Important Secrets

7 website goals to set for 2018

19 Essential Chrome Extensions for Every Web Designer

35+ Free fonts for brutalist websites in 2018

FontSwipe – Fun & Easy Font Discovery – Tinder for Fonts

20 More UX Tools to Try Out

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How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Site With WooCommerce and WordPress?

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After you get Amazon Account, install WooCommerce plugin which is an eCommerce plugin that allows you to create and manage an online store right from your WordPress Dashboard.

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For more information read How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Site With WooCommerce and WordPress tutorial on Themify blog!

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