Weekly Web Design News Summary Vol. 34

Published - May 18, 2018

New weekly summary is here, check out what we came up with this week:

#Jobs: Game Testers Wanted! Apply Now!

Screely – instantly turns your screenshot or design into a beautiful image you can share anywhere.

A Collection of Movie Fonts To Add a Cinematic Touch

How to double your page views without publishing anything new

18 Twitter Accounts Every Web Designer Should Follow in 2018

jiractl: A command-line tool for managing Jira

Fastest Way to Increase Your Site’s Performance

25+ Best Monogram Fonts

7 typography trends in web design

LayoutIt! helps you make your frontend coding easier without needing to be an expert in JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS3

CSS line-clamp property – truncates text at a specific number of lines.

css-doodle – A web component for drawing patterns with CSS

The Key Aspects to Consider When Building Multilingual Websites

Adobe XD CC (eXperience Design) released to the community as a free application

Things Designers Should Know About SEO In 2018

25 Best Free Website Templates For Launching Your Website Today

Text Mask – Input mask for React, Angular, Ember, Vue, & plain JavaScript.

Airbnb Cereal is a sans-serif typeface, available in six different weights – light, book, medium, bold, extra bold and black.

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