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Weekly Web Design News Summary Vol. 66

Published - February 02, 2019

New weekly summary is here, check out what we came up with this week:

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It’s time to ditch Google Analytics

CSSans Pro – Colourful, Sassy, CSS Font

Remote Graphic Design: Our Favorite Tools & Setups

15 Amazing Examples of Visual Storytelling on Instagram

7 Little-Known Photoshop Features To Speed Up Your Workflow

Finding and Balancing Freelance Design Work

9 Graphic Design Trends You Need to be Aware of in 2019

Enhancing the On-Screen Reading Experience With Variable Fonts

Palette App – incredible app for designing color palettes.

Slice and Dice a Disc with CSS

Dimensions.Guide – reference of dimensioned drawings showing how big things should be.

Digital Handbook for Agency People

20 freshest websites launched on the web in the previous month

Public APIs – a total of 779 APIs fully searchable public APIs available for use by developers.

A Complete Guide to WebP image format developed by Google

Clippy – CSS clip-path maker

Design Trend Report: 50s Style Retro Ads

Design Trend Report: Cubism in Graphic Design

5 Ways to Stay Informed as a Shopify App Developer

Greening the Web: How We Can Create Zero Carbon Websites

14 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Site – Step by Step

Programming Fonts – Test drive over 50 free programming fonts!

Image and Video sizes for Social Media.

7 Inspiring Stores Built by Shopify Partners to Get You Through the Winter

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