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Lazy-load offscreen iframes

Native lazy-loading for iframes is now standardized and is also supported in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.

Stroke Text CSS The Definitive Guide

How does one add stroke text or outline text in CSS & HTML?

CSS Animated Google Fonts

Google Fonts now supports variable fonts allow us to change the characteristics of a font such as the weight and slant at runtime and […]

Plyr simple, accessible and customisable media player

Plyr – a simple, accessible and customisable media player for Video, Audio, YouTube and Vimeo.

Keyframes App

Keyframes helps you write better CSS. Dead simple visual tools to help you generate CSS for your projects.


mailgo – a new concept of mailto and tel links.

A CSS-only, animated, wrapping underline.

The links there have this awesome effect when you hover over them: The underline retreats and gets replaced by a […]

Heritage Library

The Heritage Library collects beautiful illustrations from the past which are 100% free to use.


Tiny minimal 1px icons designed on a 15×15 grid so they can easily fit in very small spaces.

15+ CSS Full Screen Video Background

Collection of free HTML/CSS full screen video background examples.

Uncommon CSS Properties

CSS properties that some don’t know about, or they know about them, but forget to use them when they’re needed.

When a Line Doesn’t Break

Let’s instead look at a situation where it seems like a line is going to break but it doesn’t as […]