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John Krasinski highlights some good news around the world…

Top 40 Favorite Designer Portfolio Sites

Curated collection of favorite designer portfolio sites featured on Typewolf. 

Five Happy Links

A weekly dose of happy links to make you smile and feel good.

7 design prompt generators to inspire your next project

Do you struggling to come up with what to create today?

10 creative projects to keep you inspired

It’s important to stay safe but also practice good mental health habits.

15 New Portfolios, March 2020

Grab some inspiration from monthly roundup of the best portfolios launched in the previous four weeks by Webdesigner Depot.

Inspired by Dribbble: Vase

Vase by Ryan Putnam – t-shirt mockup, print, posters, small frame print… Inspired by Dribbble is new series of articles […]