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The Glorious Glyphs Game

Glorious Glyphs Game is similar to The Font Game, but as the name suggests, you have to identify the font , […]

One Word Domains

A collection of available one-word domains for your next million-dollar idea.

Toy Faces Library

Toy Faces is a fun diverse library of 3D avatars for your design mockups and personal use. You may want […]

How to Create a Podcast?

Take a look at how to create, launch and promote your podcast.

A visual guide to banknotes around the world

Pantone Colours of the Worlds Currencies.

Timeless web design: Online portfolios today — and in the year 2000

A nostalgic trip through homepages of brand agencies and type foundries on the cusp of the new millennium.

25 beautifully designed ecommerce websites

Ecommerce website designs for inspiration to build a brand.

Days Of The Year

Every day is right day to celebrate life ….

20+ Beautiful Color Combinations

Colors are often the most significant element of a design or composition. They have the power to attract attention, evoke […]

The Oscars 2020 Web Concept

Not a real website, just a concept by Robert Borghesi and Valentino Borghesi.

Meander Maps for Imaginary Rivers

Interactive artist & engineer Robert Hodgin wrote some software called Meander to generate meander maps for fictional rivers.

Nice Very Nice

Nice Very Nice – the finest collection of ui/ux design components, patterns, examples and inspiration.